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Castro Valley, California

Cafe church
Crocodile's Mouth

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The Crocodile's Mouth

After finishing a series entitled It all goes back in the box,
Crocodile's Mouth is taking a break.
We will be making plans for the fall.

Spend the morning with Jesus at the breakfast table.
This is the place and time
for families, friends, and neighbors to come together
and catch a few words of inspiration from Scripture,
in an enjoyable atmosphere.
With a serving of good food and great music .

There is no charge.

Why "crocodile's mouth"?

A meaningful symbol for the church and Christians today is the Egyptian Plover, the little bird that walks right inside the crocodile's mouth and pick food out between the crocodile's teeth. That's a scary position to be in. Yet God created this little bird to have this symbolic relationship with an animal that, left to its natural instinct, would destroy it. The crocodile gets a dental cleaning while the bird gets lunch.

I think that is what God calls the church and Christians to do today - help others and sing our song while standing in the jaws of harm. There is a lot that could frighten Christians now: being politically incorrect, worldwide persecution, recession, war on terrorism, collapsing values, and institutions. Yet Jesus calls us to keep loving, caring, and singing. We are committed to openly following Jesus during tough times. It was Jesus who openly stood up for all of us sinners inthe face of God and man's wrath. Being with a loving church makes the rough ride sweet.

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